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It is profitable, convenient and efficient to sell goods on dropshipping system.

How does it works?

Drop ship is a popular form of sale of goods via the Internet. 

If you are thinking about selling goods over the Internet (you should think faster, most of drop shippers have already earned money) or you have already your own online store or sales experience of selling through a variety of internet sites, we are happy to invite you in our drop ship system.

You do not need to have a warehouse of things, shoes and accessories to sell it over the Internet, just use a major supplier's warehouse Rates for drop shippers are lower than for retail buyers. You sell goods over the Internet for your special rate, and we will ship it to your customer. You can spend on your work as much time as you wish. Successful drop shippers recommended to spend on sales at least two hours a day, and you can be at home during the day or combine drop shipping with your work at the office or be anywhere with your online device.

Conditions for cooperation to the drop ship system:

  1. Our photos are available for download.

  2. We send an order directly to your customer from a private person.

  3. Sign up on the website, enter in the comments "drop ship", after you will see rates for drop shippers on all products in our store.

  4. We ship the order immediately after receipt of payment.

  5. You can take our descriptions to the items but you must rewrite them.

  6. When you return the goods, we need little time for checking, if it is without any defects we will refund you money.

Contact us and we'll answer any questions you may have!

+38 (044) 332-10-51