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For suppliers

If you want to sell more clothes or shoes of your own production and earn more, join our partnership!

Become the one of our suppliers, and get the next benefits:

          Increase your sales: reliable, cohesive team of the store wills sale your products.

     We will help you to  increase awareness of your brand  to your future clients.

     For the sale of your products will be conducted advertising campaigns, where you do not spend a penny of their budget.


    Also we provide a professional photo and video of your goods.

          Our customers will receive a regular email newsletter with the news of your brand.

         You will get a possibility for the implementation of goods from your past collections.

          If you have just started to promote your own brand, we will post your goods at one of our show window with recognizable and popular brands.


      Most of the audience will learns about your products and will bring you new regular customers.

You can contact our managers, or the head of the online store to become our supplier

+38 (044) 332-10-51

+38 (056) 767-10-51

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